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Alright...just for curiosity's you shave your legs for cross? Out of habit from road? Or think it's just as necessary for crash protection and wound healing? Or cuz you're all pro and embrocate and get massages? Or are like Tonkin, got skills, stay upright, and rather go caveman?

CXM wants to know. We just might quote you in the mag if you're lucky. Say your mind. Let's get some banter going.

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every tried to wash mud out of legs hair? Sure Tonkin does it and I've done it (raced hairy)...

also, ever tried to apply embrocation on long haired legs? I don't use that silly hot stuff but i'll put a layer or two of my top secret embrocation and there ain't NO way that stuff goes on with the hair.

it is my pre-race night routine... shower, shave, self massage legs, sleep...

it also helps with the mind-body connection between my legs and the brain. Kinda like a fighter pilot doing his pre-flight check. The shaving routine is a tangible connection to the motor that drives you when racing. Without the shaving the legs may not play as focused a roll in your pre-race preparation.

I've raced both caveman and pro... and I prefer pro...
Gillette 3 blade razor (either their dispo or mach3)
Nivea for men sensitive shaving gel

Look at it this way; If you don't like the look, the looks from others, or how it feels- It's only hair, it grows back! At worst someone might think you're a cross-dresser - no pun intended (always wear cycling socks if this is a concern), it's no big deal - except for the first few hours after your first shave. If you've shaved before, you know what I'm talking about. Mostly it really helps with massage, especially if you use something like "the stick" which will tend to forcibly and painfully remove unshaven hairs. More importantly, it's safer with respect to minimizing the chance for infection as abrasions are easier to clean and typically less severe to boot. Everyone always asks , "Why should I?", but really it comes down to, "What will (you-fill-in-the-blank) think??!?! I say who cares. Just be prepared, 'cause racers see shaved legs and, for better or worse, you're a marked man!
Shaved legs look more muscular and faster. It gives me the competitive advantage I need to call people sandbaggers when they beat me.
but if a non-shaved leg guy gets beaten by you, he might be calling you a 'bagger too, no? "look, that guy looks all pro, he's probably a cat 2 roadie with a masseur, what's he doing in my race?"

forget shaved legs. NAIR baby!
You know, it's never come up.
I do it because it makes me feel sexier out on the course. If I suck ass for 60 minutes, at least I can look good doing it!
Based on the amount of road rash seen at the recent group rides my guess is you're leaning towards the PRO option.
Cave man for me. I tried shaving one season. It was easier to wash my legs but the time saved was more than made up for by the time it took me to shave. I've got wiry hair and lots or it so it's a real pain to shave.

When I'm out on the course, I never notice if the guy I'm passing or the guy passing me has smooth legs or not.

Oh, and since I quit shaving, I haven't collected any road rash (knock wood).
Go for sexy - shave.
I shave because I luvs the embrocation. It gets all sticky with hair on the legs.

Plus, with the embrocation dirt tends to gather in it too. No hair, mud easier to clean off too.
Shaved sculpted legs are like good art.
First of all the wife finally started to dig it, so now I don't get the raised eyebrows about them and that was the only real hurdle. If she buys in, then I don't care what some non-cycling troglodyte says about my bare legs.
And I crash consistently enough trying to master all of the different techniques in CX that it's just easier. It started during road season and, as a friend of mine explained it "it's kind of a cultish thing, but you are a cult member now. You might as well show it." And besides, this might be the only "racer" thing about me on the course!


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