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for the tire peeps- new tubulars, not even glued yet have bubbling along three inches of the outside tire tread. it looks like the adhesive between the casing and the tread just didn't hold up there. is this terminal or can it be salvaged? if so, how? thx.

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I you don't mind me asking what is the tire? I've heard a few reports of a certain manufacturer having this same problem this year and I hear they are bein good about replacing defective tires. Basically that is what you have so I would treat it as such and not try to fix it yourself.
Just drop a little tubular glue underneath the tread to reglue the tread down. It's a common problem with Challenge tires. A dab of tubular glue is a simple fix. If it's a challenge tire I wouldn't worry about sending it back. Just glue the section back down.
I've warrantied a few Challenge tires this season with the same issue. They are very good about getting you a new tire if you can show where you purchased it (from a Challenge dealer) and include some photos and a sales receipt. Doing this will negate the need to send back your defective tire. A few weeks ago our US distribs were out and Challenge Europe sent two new white Grifo 32s over from Italy for a customer.

While I've warrantied a few, this doesn't mean they are bad tires. Of the hundred I've sold this season, four had delaminating issues. Its a great product, but subject to changing temperatures, handling during shipment and other various conditions that affect tires.


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