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For all those out there who are playing the Fantasy Cross game here, I'd like your opinions on some things. Mostly I want to know what should be changed for next year's game. I know we're only half way through this season, but if I start now, I can get the bugs worked out for next season. I kind of want to get a feel of how everyone likes it too.

To save you all some time, here are what I think you will tell me, and I'll head off some of the issues at the pass, pilgrim.

1) Can't change riders after so-and-so crashes and ruptures their spleen or whats his name gets a urinary tract infection (an urinary tract infection...? I'm at a loss)
- Yeah the fact that I have limited computer creativity means that I'd have to put more schoolwork aside to manage all that fun stuff. I'm looking into systems that will make that possible, that's my major goal for next season.

Well, I thought I'd have more but turns out I don't. The major goal for next year is to make it more fluid, so you can trade in and out. I'm thinking of setting up a sister league as well where people enter and get assigned to leagues where you draft, then trade, cut, sign, etc. That will be a summer project. Also, I'm gonna further restrict things (read: complicate) by requiring the selection of 1 junior and one U23.

Thanks for any input! Hope you've enjoyed so far. When the season ends, I might give detailed analysis to any teams that pay me enough to generate a report for them. Get in line now! Don't all go jumping at once now...

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not sure how complicated you want to make this, but...

-if we are allowed to swap players each week, there should be a "penalty" (eg. -50 or more pts) for each rider you switch out each time. otherwise, i'd be switching my team out every week and i'll never get any work done.
-maybe have a sheet that shows how many points each rider has scored (for the week and for the season).
-maybe we draft whatever...7 men and 5 women elite riders. then out of those, we have to chose 5 men and 4 women to race that week. therefore, if someone is sick or injured or they suck at that venue, we still have a full squad of riders racing instead of being down a rider. it's like an IR list or benching the rider for the week.

i like the private league/draft idea. that'd be fun to not have the same rider on several teams.

awesome job on this!
being able to see who the heck ya picked ;) that'd be my first big suggestion.

I don't have a clue who I picked anymore.

auto draft? Make it random and give people options w/ alternates?
on the scores page, scroll over to the team list and search for your team name. That should give you an idea of who you picked :) Smoothing that out would be good, however, to make it more noticible
it's the last tab in the sheet. see your team?


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