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Almost time for some good embrocation. It is down to the mid 60's here in Cally (haha)!

What do you use and where did you get it?

GeWilli, please don't say it doesn't work. I love that warm tingly feeling, it has to be good for 20 more watts at least!

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Mad Alchemy Embrocation is what I'm using now- they have a lot of different formulas for all kinds of conditions (and nice wintery smells, like the Russich Thee). - get it directly from them.

They're a small company outta MA that supports 'cross. Definitely check their stuff out.
I started using stuff from Northwest Kneewarmers this fall and I love it. It comes in Mild and medium. Rumors abound that a "Hot" version will be released soon.
Formulated by a naturopath in Portland, Oregon. It's designed to wash off with soap and water (though you need to wash more than once and scrub a bit -- it WILL stay on in a wet race).

I tried the Mild at a practice and found it lacking in temps below 50 degrees, so I used the Medium at my last race and found that it was great.
I put Mad Alchemy 'warm' through the paces it Wissahickon. It did a good job keeping my legs warm under the mud, it smells good, and it isn't very expensive. I just ordered the Hot from my LBS for the winter.
hah, that's awesome. 20 watts! we should get you a power meter and do some tests! cxm labs #3?
I use Mad Alchemy and can definitely recommend it. Get at least medium and possibly hot as well. I've got some mild and it doesn't do much except when there's a slight chill, or a way to keep mud off you when its warm. has a new one called "crank."

Check your lbs, if they carry cross stuff, they should have something for you to save on shipping.
whatever you do, avoid the recalled forza stuff!
It looks like mad alchemy is the winner!

I would go through a local shop, but this is California and I have yet to see any embrocation at my LBS's.

I am starting to get scared for Bend, OR. Reports from there last week was snow/sleet! This is my 3rd year racing cross I still haven't gotten any mud!
I make my own.
I've tried some other brands like Record and Born but now I exclusively use Mad Alchemy. I live in Michigan so we have some cold 'cross races. The medium warmth seems to be the perfect temp. I have both the regular medium and the Russich Thee (this is my personal favorite).

I got it online directly from Mad Alchemy - they are a great company, easy to work with and responded quickly to any questions I had (how do you get this stuff off? - dry towel and baby wipes was the response - seems to work well)

Enjoy it!!!

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls
Someone's read all the threads? :D

There is a mental component too. I am not sort of softening up to say just avoid using it when there is a risk of hypothermia. In those cases a thick heavy mild formula would be warmer (for your core body temp) than the medium or hot.


I'll tell yall a little secret...

(i've been using the Leg Salsa stuff this fall - and I looooove the post race burn it has. Doesn't seem to do squat pre-during the race that I can tell, but that post race buuuuuurn feels awesome - oh and it makes my skinny white chicken legs look slightly tan!)
ha ha, that's funny. I have used the leg salsa as well with the same results. Kinda strange, but does feel good when you are tired and sore. Nice slow burn.


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