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Any one have any good recommendations on a tubular wheelset? I'm looking for something pretty inexpensive ($400 - $500) that would likely only see race use. I'm 6 ft. tall, 170 lbs so nothing too flimsy. Maybe a built set? I have a set of Mavic Aksiums right now and I want something lighter and tubular!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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If you can drive up to the Bicycle and Fitness Barn in Port Huron, you can check out a pair of Revolution Wheelworks Alloy Rev22 and Carbon tubular Rev50X. Both are awesome for the price! A 1300 gram carbon wheelset for $900 bucks brand new.... Something to consider in your search.

See you in the fall!
I've seen the Rev50x online and it looks pretty nice. Have you heard anything about reliability/durability? Just curious, because if I got them, I would need them to last quite a while.... I'm on a pretty tight budget.

Are you racing in B or C this coming season? I'm probably going to race B (and most likely get spanked regularly). I figured I better get used to racing 45 min as apposed to 30. Why not start now?
I will be racing B-s and possibly jumping into the master class or SS class too depending on how robert runs the races. As for the Rev50X. I can tell you that they look sweet. And if you had to replace a spoke or service a hub, your local bike shop could probably take care of it with off the shelf stuff and minimal cost. Also, go to there web site and check out there rim replacement policy. It is second to none. If I save up enough cash, I will probably try to pick up a set. And again come on up to PH and check out the pair they have sitting in the shop.

Thanks for the info - the 50x does look nice. That will give me something to save for!

See ya this fall!

We are renting the REV-50X this year. Renting through us will give you a $50 coupon with Revolution towards a purchase of a new set. Its a great way to be able to ride them before you buy them to make sure they are right for you.

Right now they have road tires on them since 'cross season is well over for New England/Mid-Atlantic and we're getting orders in for Tour of the Battenkill.

Another recommendation would be our Echappe Classic tubulars. We offer them with a few different hub configurations. In two weeks we will have a 28h F/R set up laced to 2009 American Classic lightweight road hubs. We can get this wheelset within 1200g- allowing for rim and spoke variations, etc.

We also have HED Bastognes available, but they are a few bucks over your budget.
as an aside - did everyone notice that Laura Van Guilder raced on Echappe Wheels at Worlds?

Way to go to get LVG set up with wheels Echappe!!!
I would strongly reccomend going with this set.

i'm 6'6" and 200# and raced these the second half of the season. Wicked strong. Not super light but the money you save buying these will allow you to buy better tires. And that's all it is about.

Very strong. Durable. Inexpensive. very nice bearings. super easy to glue up and good to go right out of the box. That and you don't have to worry about carbon. I don't know if they are lighter than the Aksiums (probably not i guess) but I liked racing on them. And it would give you a few $$ for race fees and tires down the road... having more tubular tire options is often better than one light weight set.
Hi Gary,

We also offer an alloy tubular the Rev-25x. It doesn't look quite as cool as the carbon model but it fits within your budget. At 1460g for the pair it's about a full pound lighter than your Askiums.

Regardless of what you decide on, you won't regret making the switch to tubulars.

Also, I have ridden all season this year a set bontrager race x lite Aluminum tubulars. No complaints. Very similar to mavics with a little more wear and tear management. Hubs are made by DT swiss for Bontrager. no complaints here.
Man... Decisions, decisions... Good thing there's some time until 'cross season!

Thanks for all the input, I appreciate it!



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