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I have read through the UCI and USA Cycling rule books but have been unable to find the requirements to get a UCI Elite license. I have heard that once you achieve Cat 2, you can purchase a license. Does anyone know if this is true or where these rules are printed?

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What you have to do is purchase the UCI international license (which anyone can do no matter what category, it gives you the ability to race outside of your country) and when doing so the fact that you are a Cat 2 USA Cycling should have it set that it says UCI Elite on it... I would just double check and shoot them an email through their general membership question contact... they tend to be pretty quick about that though.

I do think that Cat 2 is enough for the UCI elite license.
i'm a 3 road and 2 cx and mine says UCI Elite
Anyone can get a UCI license. You just have to pay for it. Its probably not the best system, but right now anyone with $150 can be "Elite".


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