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I just heard that bladed wheels like Spinergy's are not legal this year.

Is this true? I heard it from a local NE officianato. Is this just a New England thing?


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That should be true since we're running mass start road rules now. It might just be specific to categorized fields, or even just larger events.
Interesting, about 75% of the field in every mass start road race I have ever done has been on bladed spokes.

Is the West (good) Coast exempt?
There's a distinction between bladed wheels and spokes. Standard spokes should be ok, but wheels like these - - will be banned.
It's all USA Cycling administered events that are covered by the rule change (if it's the one I'm thinking of).
Correct, all mass start events governed under UCI rules require at least 12 spokes per wheel.
Thanks to EyeBob's question and Josh's research, we've done a story to clarify this matter.

You can view it here:
well ya should be able to score some rev x wheels on the cheap for your TT bike now ;)


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