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For those of you who listen to music prior to your race, list up those songs that get you going.  Here are a few of mine.


Green Day / The Static Age

Refused / New Noise

Foo Fighters / Everlong

Pearl Jam / Rearviewmirror

Ministry / Burning Inside


What's about you?



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warm-up playlist is always changing, but these are in heavy rotation now . ..


Sleigh Bells/Infinity Guitars; Tell 'Em

Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Gold Lion


saul williams/list of demands

TV on the Radio/golden age; wolf like me



Most early Ramones.

Screeching Weasel

Dag Nasty "Can I Say" and "Values Here"

The Specials "Little Bitch" and "Too Much Too Young"

Cro-Mags "We Gotta Know"  "Street Justice" "World Peace" 


Gogo- Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers- "Blow Your Whistle"

RATM- "Know Your Enemy"

Lots of Tiesto and PvD, and 90s rap (Wu, NWA, etc)

Hell yea to Chuck Brown and the soul Searchers!  DC Go-Go!


I'm not from there but I have family on "the hill", and I've gotten WAY into go-go over the last few years!

Chuck is the shizint!  "Run Joe, Run Joe the policeman at the door"!

I left DC in 1990, when I was a kid, I was neighbor with one of the guitarist from Trouble Funk, he used to give the kids in the neighborhood records!  That was in 1980 or so, been a go-go fan ever since.   Rob:  Check this out, if you were from DC you know what this is all about.

this is too funny.  my wife was just at a dinner with Chuck Brown.  said he was the coolest 75 year old on the planet.

that was a very cool link!  I wore my helmet cam at the race last weekend.  I'm gonna have to drop some go-go on the soundtrack now.

Love that, I just started messing with a GoPro, trying to learn to edit, there will be my favorite Go-Go band in the mix, "JunkYard Band" the Thumping Young Troopers from SE!



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